Some pets just defy the odds, and have an indefatigable spirit that keeps them with us long after their bodies seem too frail to go on. That was our beloved senior boy Winter, who arrived at our clinic in December 2013 after being found under a porch, cold and emaciated. He proceeded to surprise us over and over again, pulling out another one of his 9 lives each time we thought we were going to have to say goodbye.

In 2016 Winter’s supportive care needs became quite high, but as long as he continued to love his life (which he told us often he did!), and his incredible Annex Cat Rescue foster parents Melissa and Nathan could manage his extensive medical regime, we were committed to doing all we could to help sweet Winter feel as good as possible, until he told us it was time for him to go.

That sad day finally came on October 13, 2016. Winter was surrounded by people who loved him as Dr. Sam gently helped him say goodbye, right at the moment when his body finally started to fail after his long battle with kidney failure, thyroid disease and lymphoma. While our hearts were broken, we could smile through the sadness because we know we did everything we could for Winter, and he got all the good days he could possibly have, without having to suffer through any of the bad.

In tribute to our incredible clinic cat Winter, please take a look at some of our favorite pictures of him over the almost 3 years that we were lucky enough to know him.

We will never forget you Winter! ❤️
The Roncy Village Vet Clinic team

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